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What Is YouTube And What Is It Not?

How To Understand YouTube To Make It Work For You

This video highlights what YouTube is to a business owner – and what YouTube isn’t, contrary to public perception.


Don’t be surprised, because this is the most misunderstood and under-utilised marketing tool on the internet.

YouTube is a lead generator source, and to generate warm leads you need to learn how to create traffic.

There’s two types of traffic on YouTube – free traffic and paid traffic, as follows:-

1. Free traffic – with YouTube you can have relevant and targeted traffic directed to your website or landing page or opt-in box within a matter of days – without hardly any competition at all.

To create traffic this way, you can build yourself an authority YouTube channel with a large and responsive following.

2. Paid traffic – with Google Adwords, YouTube advertising can boost your traffic-generating campaigns with even more focus – and for very small investments compared to Facebook ads and Google Adwords ads.

By creating traffic this way, the rewards can be very satisfying.

To fully appreciate the power of YouTube, it’s worth taking a step back to really understand what YouTube is….and what it is not.

Once you grasp this, then you can put yourself in that group of canny business owners who generate at least 90% of the traffic on YouTube.

What is YouTube and what is it not?

To get the most from YouTube you really need to understand exactly what YouTube is and what YouTube isn’t.

Once you grasp this then you can start to plan your videos to have the biggest impact for the benefit of your market and for your business.

In this video we’ll be taking a look to see how vital it is to understand what YouTube is and what it isn’t to ensure that your videos get in front of the right people to get the right results.



How Can YouTube And Video Help Your Business Grow Quickly?

If you’re happy with where you are in terms of a steady stream of customers, a number of regular income sources and a comfortable lifestyle, then the benefits of using video and YouTube in your business may not be of interest.

However, if you are open-minded enough to see how YouTube and video can help and grow your business…….then stay tuned to find out more!

In this video, you will learn some eye-popping facts that explain what’s happening in the online and digital world today and how you and your business can benefit from both YouTube and video.

Feel free to ask any questions if you’d like to find out more. Contact details are shown in the video or you can post a comment in response to this blog post.

In the meantime, enjoy……….!

How To Pin A Comment On A YouTube Video – More Engagement!

Engagement on YouTube Videos – A Question Is The Answer!

This video shows how to use a YouTube feature to help you engage more with your audience and viewers.

By pinning a post at the top of the Comments section, it allows all viewers who view the comments section to see that pinned post.

Watch the video to get the number one tip when pinning a comment!



How To Keep Viewers Engaged – 1 Easy Trick Boosts Watch Time!

Increasing Your Average Watch Time on YouTube.

This video shows 1 simple trick to increase viewer engagement and watch time, thereby increasing your chances of getting viewers of your video to opt-in to your email list or to visit your website.

And it all starts with getting more views to your video.

Enjoy the video…..!

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