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Generating Traffic – The 4 Deadly YouTube Mistakes To Avoid

YouTube is such a misunderstood platform that it’s no wonder many business owners are reluctant to take advantage of the tremendous benefits it offers.

Because of the lack of know-how amongst the business community, those that do venture onto YouTube invariably make 4 big mistakes.

In this video, those 4 big mistakes are highlighted, and yet, they are easy mistakes to avoid.

And one of the main reasons why these mistakes are easily avoided is because business owners and YouTubers lose sight of the fact that there’s only two types of traffic to generate – free traffic and paid traffic.

Here’s the video. Enjoy!

How To Use YouTube As A Marketing Tool

Too many business owners are failing to grasp what YouTube is and what it can do for them.

The usual understanding of generating income or revenues from YouTube is to receive a percentage of the advertising revenues from big multi-national companies that place ads and banners on or around your videos.

But local businesses and their owners are missing a huge point!

Watch the video to learn how to use YouTube to your advantage. Enjoy…..!