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Choosing The Right Type Of Video To Maximise YouTube Results

The Teaser Video For Driving Traffic To Your Website Is Probably The Best

There are so many types of videos, all serving a different purpose, that it’s difficult to work out which one is best for your project.

And this is one of the factors that makes YouTube appear to be confusing.

For business, one type of video stands out.

To find out which one it is, check out the video below……


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The YouTube Email List Building Strategy – The Business Risk!

A YouTube Email List Avoids A Potentially Deadly Business Risk

Having your own email list means you are in control of your own business destiny.

That’s why the social media platforms should be viewed as business tools rather than social sharing tools.

Intrigued? To find out more on how to insulate your business from a potentially deadly business risk watch the video below.

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Where To Find Free Traffic For Your Business – 101 Ways!

Using YouTube As A Lead Generation Source

Finding free traffic for your business starts with knowing what your target audience enter into the YouTube and Google search bars.

Then, you can produce a video; post it onto YouTube with a keyword title that matches the main search terms; and enter a Call To Action.

So, where do you find free traffic for your business?

Check out the video below to find out….and if you can’t wait to to learn where to find 101 ways to find free traffic for your business, click the link below the video.


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How To Generate Free Traffic For Your Business Via YouTube

Use YouTube ‘s Search Engine Facilities To Get Free Views And Free Traffic

Generating free traffic for your business via YouTube requires searching in places where people are likely to be asking and looking for business problems to be resolved. So the key is to find out what topics are popular and what the main search terms are.

To get free traffic to your YouTube videos requires an initial understanding of what YouTube is.

YouTube’s main feature is that it is a search engine, and nearly two-thirds of all views on YouTube are search-driven.

The following video explains how understanding a few basic points about YouTube can clear the way for you to start getting views to your videos and then generating traffic to your website or landing pages.


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