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How Local Businesses Can Benefit By Using YouTube And Video

Ways To Use Video And YouTube To Generate Traffic, Leads And Sales For Local Business.

This video attempts to show how local businesses can benefit by using YouTube and video.

As is often the case, it boils down to business owners not understanding what YouTube is.

And it is also the case that those same business owners don’t fully appreciate the benefits of video.

Most view YouTube as a video-hosting site, which it is.

But that’s just one of a few key attributes of YouTube.

YouTube is also a:

  • search engine;
  • social media platform; and
  • marketing tool.

More specifically, local businesses need to learn ways to use video and YouTube to generate traffic, leads and sales.


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How To Use YouTube Ads – Costs, Benefits And Traffic Types

Identifying The Best Type Of YouTube Video Ad To Use

Continuing with our series of how to use YouTube ads, this video covers the costs, benefits and traffic types generated.

To find out the costs, benefits and traffic types generated, we need to know the different ad types to use.

In this video, we cover what these different ad types are and how to work out which one is best for you.

From there, you can then determine the costs, benefits and traffic types.


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How To Use YouTube Ads – Understanding What They Are Is Key

Getting Clarity In Your Own Mind

For most, the concept of knowing how to use YouTube ads is a complete mystery.

The main reason appears to be the fact that getting clarity in your own mind is clouded by those who talk a different language.

Understanding YouTube ads is taken for granted by those who should know better.

And the reason could easily be a generation issue, as it is in most cases with internet-related misunderstandings.

The idea that a video precedes another video is difficult to comprehend to an older generation.

However, explain to people that a YouTube ad is a video promoting your services and the light bulb switches on.

Explain further that the video should provide educational content rather than be a hard sell, and the light becomes brighter.

In this video you’re about to view, getting clarity in your own mind as to what YouTube ads are is key.

This will help you to take the next step to producing and releasing your first YouTube ad to a targeted audience.


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Making Sense Of YouTube Analytics To Boost Video Watch Time

The 5 Main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

It’s worth taking time to understand some key performance indicators (KPIs) in the YouTube analytics section of your YouTube channel.

This is because you want to be making sense of YouTube analytics to boost video watch time.

Watch time is probably the most important KPI to measure and improve, as it is directly correlated to a video’s ranking in YouTube (and Google).

As with most analytics tools, it is easy to be overwhelmed by what can be measured.

As a consequence, you can quickly lose sight of what is key and what is not.

This video highlights the 5 main key performance indicators to focus on.


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How To Cloak And Redirect Links To Your Ebooks, Free Gifts

Using A WordPress Plugin With YouTube Called Pretty Links Lite

One of the many mysteries of internet marketing is how to link up the various facets of optin pages with landing pages, Thank You pages and websites. In effect, the real question should be: how does a sales funnel work? And the one thing that acts as the glue to ensuring there’s a smooth transition from one part of the sales funnel to the other is often referred to as cloaking. So, the task under-pinning all of this is how to cloak and redirect links to your ebooks, free gifts and downloads, which you find on the landing pages etc.

This video is all about making those ugly-looking URL links look presentable and professional, because you want the visitor to your landing page or website to have as pleasant a journey as possible as you direct them towards your product or service offering.

For “ugly” read “spammy”.

And a brilliant WordPress plugin that helps you achieve this is Pretty Links.

There’s a free version and a paid version.

The free version is great if all you want to do is cloak and redirect links to your ebooks, free gifts etc., and make your URL links look pretty so as to divert the viewer to a different website landing page, for example.

The paid version has a lot more functionality and is worth taking a look at if you are more active in the field of affiliate marketing, for example.


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