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How To Keep Viewers Engaged – 1 Easy Trick Boosts Watch Time!

Increasing Your Average Watch Time on YouTube.

This video shows 1 simple trick to increase viewer engagement and watch time, thereby increasing your chances of getting viewers of your video to opt-in to your email list or to visit your website.

And it all starts with getting more views to your video.

Enjoy the video…..!

Resource as mentioned in the  video:

A Lazy Way To Finding YouTube Keywords Tutorial – Time Saver!

A short-cut to finding keywords for your YouTube videos.

Researching keywords for a new YouTube video can be daunting.

This technique enables you to take advantage of tags and keywords used in the top ranking videos for your main search term – so you save a load of time and stress in the process. A lazy way!

Watch the video to find out more…..!

Access to the VidIQ software is at:

A Lazy Way To Finding YouTube Keywords Tutorial

How To Make The Most From Video Titles – Get The Video Seen!

Increase views whilst improving a video’s ranking.

How to make the most from video titles is all about showing a title that contains main keywords.

The title should include the main benefit and contain no more than 60 characters.

The aim is to get the video seen by as many targeted people as possible.

But there’s more to it than that. Watch the video to find out more.



How To Get An Exact Match Domain And Exact Match Keywords

What is Exact Match Domain and how do you achieve it?

Getting an exact match domain and exact match keyword is regarded as being a shrewd move by SEO experts.

Therefore, it’s worth spending quality time researching both domain names and keywords.

This combination of same name domain and keywords helps increase your website’s and video’s chances of ranking higher on Google and on YouTube.

However, there is a cautionary tale to this. There is now a penalty for using this combination purely for SEO and ranking purposes, called the Exact Match Domain Penalty.

As from March 2017, Google will penalize websites that have this combination whilst also providing poor and low quality content. It therefore follows that YouTube could well follow suit in due course, if they haven’t done so already.

This video shows you two little-known resources, plus a facility that is more commonly known – the Google Keyword Planner tool – to search for and source domain names and their availability, whilst also determining matching keywords.

Some people refer to this process as keyword matching or a domain name match or domain name keywords.

Either way, we hope the information provided in the video will help you overcome any problems with determining an exact domain match and an exact keyword match, whilst providing ideas for further keyword research.


Here’s those two website resources referred to in the video for you to check out:



How To Increase Audience Engagement On YouTube – 6 Key Steps.

Increase YouTube views, get more likes and improve watch time.

There are many ways to increase audience engagement.

So, have you ever wondered why engaging with your YouTube audience is so important – and then once you’ve figured that out, how you actually engage with your YouTube audience?

Watch the video below as it uncovers both aspects of “the why” and “the how”.


How To Increase Audience Engagement On YouTube.

How To Increase Audience Engagement On YouTube.

With thanks to Jason LeDuc of Evil Genius Leadership Consultants for posing a question that has led to this video. His channel is at

And thanks to Nick Nimmin who has produced a great video entitled: “How To Increase YouTube Engagement And Subscribers” that helped inspire me to delve into this subject further. Here’s Nick’s video:

Is Your YouTube Channel An Asset – Why Likes Are Not Enough!

Understanding assets and cash flow are key.

There are 3 key aspects to determine if any YouTube channel is an asset:-

  • It must share valuable content.
  • It must act as a vehicle or conduit to generating a positive cash flow.
  • It must go through a number of crucial steps to generate the positive cash flow.

When you hear or read of “experts” of “gurus” talking about collateral assets or branding assets, they do so without realising the full meaning of an asset.

They are terms you come across in the marketing and advertising world by people who really don’t fully understand the meaning of the terms. For example, collateral “assets” are things like images, videos, articles, guidelines etc.

Whereas branding “assets” are a collective term for logos, fonts, colours, livery and the intangible items such as goodwill, representation etc.

But how are they assets in terms of, well, being an asset?

Good question, and to really get to the crux of whether something is an asset or not (in which case is it a liability?), watch this video. From there, you’ll have a much better idea of whether your YouTube channel is an asset.



How To Get More YouTube Views With A Checklist: An SEO Tool!

A quick and easy way to rank YouTube videos.

Trying to rank your YouTube videos quickly (on YouTube and Google) requires a checklist to help.

VidIQ have a simple and easy checklist to follow when you download their Chrome extension app from:

It lists eight tasks to complete that will help your videos to quickly rank high on YouTube.

Enjoy….and take action!


How To Plan A Successful YouTube Channel: In 4 Easy Steps.

This shows that you’re a serious player!

Having a successful YouTube channel is one thing. Planning for it is another.

How to plan for a successful YouTube channel is critical for operating your online business. It enables you to easily plan the content for each video before creating them. This video shows a simple method to plan an organised and efficient YouTube channel.



Using Video Testimonials – A Very Powerful Tool: How To Tips

Video testimonials – the ultimate in business, service and product reviews.

More videos are being watched on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets etc.) than any other content medium i.e. text-based articles, websites etc. and a consequence of this continuing trend is the need to attract the attention of potential clients and customers.

Video testimonials are an ideal way to make your business, product and/or service stand head and shoulders above your competition to ensure more viewers watch your videos than to go elsewhere.

Here’s a few tips on putting the person giving the testimonial at ease. You’d like them to say:

  1. How they found you;
  2. Why they chose you;
  3. What benefits did they gain from your business/produvt/service;
  4. Would they recommend you; and
  5. Anything else they’d like to add.

The testimonial must be genuine and authentic.

In return for the video testimonial, offer to show their name and website address so they get the benefit of any traffic when people view the video.

Here’s 2 videographers I highly recommend you contacting for your video testimonial requirements:

Clare Jones of Bright Light Film at

Brighton West of Authentic West Films at:

In the meantime, enjoy this video…….


How To Avoid 7 Common YouTube Ranking Mistakes | Easy Steps

Staying ahead of the game.

If you’re in business and you want your video to be seen on YouTube by the very people that are looking for a solution that you can provide, then you want your video to be ranked on Page 1 for the very search terms your potential clients are entering into the YouTube and Google search bars.

And you want those search terms to effectively be your keywords.

Be sure to watch the following short video to ensure you have a template to refer to every time you upload a video to YouTube so that you do not leave potential profits on the table!

Click on the image below.