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YouTube Categories – What Do They Mean? | Choosing The Right One

Which category does your video belong to?

Did you know that choosing a different category to the one your video defaults to when you first upload it to YouTube could improve the visibility of the video?

There seems to be little evidence of this aspect of measuring how engaging your video is on a category-by-category basis. However, this video shows you some little known tactics that can boost the level of views and, ultimately, warm leads and enquiries.

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The Benefits Of YouTube And Video – Local Business Marketing

Video marketing: for business growth and sales strategies – showing local business the way ahead.

With video becoming the main mode of communication, whether that’s talking face-to-face on Skype or by sharing an instructional “how to” tutorial video with business associates, students and friends, there’s no getting away from the fact that our lives are changing in dramatic fashion.

We either embrace this change or we simply get left behind.

In this vlog, I outline how the benefits of YouTube and video are transforming the way local business marketing is taking advantage.

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Lago di Maggiori

The wine, the women, the food, the football, the sun. What more would you want from an online business?

The First Vlog Post of Video Cashflow!

Welcome to the first vlog of Video Cashflow. 

The intention is to provide entertaining and educational i.e. edutaining videos that will give you great value and help in your own endeavours in the online business world.

If you have any requests for specific topics, subjects or areas covering video marketing and online business you would like to see covered, please leave a comment below.