How To Produce A Free Gift To Download From Your Videos!

Creating Lead Magnets As Free Gifts That Convert

This is almost like the holy grail of attracting viewers/prospects etc. to your videos and getting them to leave their contact details i.e. email address, for you so you can then contact them at a later date with more information that they’re likely to be interested in i.e. emaqil marketing campaigns. (where you can, after a while, promote paid digital products, services, physical products and affiliate products etc.)

This is what this video is all about. It’s showing how you can compile an ebook so that it is attractive enough for viewers to want to download it…..and leave you their email address etc.

The process of setting up the opt-in box for viewers to enter their email address will be covered in a future video. For now, though, we’ll just concentrate on producing the downloadable product itself i.e. the ebook (note: it doesn’t have to be an ebook – it can be an article, a 10-point checklist or anything that provides really useful information to the viewer/prospect).

In this video, I show a link to the ebook that I use as an example, which you can also click on here to download……..

Video Marketing – How Much Cash Are You Missing Out On?

The video itself is right here for you……


And look out for the next video which will be posted shortly.

Thanks for watching.


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