How To Use YouTube Ads – Understanding What They Are Is Key

Getting Clarity In Your Own Mind

For most, the concept of knowing how to use YouTube ads is a complete mystery.

The main reason appears to be the fact that getting clarity in your own mind is clouded by those who talk a different language.

Understanding YouTube ads is taken for granted by those who should know better.

And the reason could easily be a generation issue, as it is in most cases with internet-related misunderstandings.

The idea that a video precedes another video is difficult to comprehend to an older generation.

However, explain to people that a YouTube ad is a video promoting your services and the light bulb switches on.

Explain further that the video should provide educational content rather than be a hard sell, and the light becomes brighter.

In this video you’re about to view, getting clarity in your own mind as to what YouTube ads are is key.

This will help you to take the next step to producing and releasing your first YouTube ad to a targeted audience.


Watch out for the next video in this series designed to show, explain and learn how to use YouTube ads.

Thanks for watching.


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